You’re So Vain

well you walked into the party
like you were walking onto a yacht
your hat strategically dipped beneath one eye
your scarf it was apricot
you had one eye on the mirror and
you watched yourself a lot
and all the boys dreamed that they’d be your partner
they’d be your partner

well you had me several years ago
when i was still quite naive
and you said that we made such a pretty pair
and that you would never leave
but you gave away the things you loved
and one of them was me
i had some dreams
they were clouds in my coffee
clouds in my coffee

well i heard that you went of to saratoga
and your horse naturally won
and then you chartered a leer jet to nova scotia
to see the total eclipse of the sun
yeah you’re always where you should be and
when you’re not you’re with some underworld spy
or your best friend’s boyfriend
your best friend’s boyfriend

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