Back On My Star


Baby I’m back on my star
Hoping to find what I left up there
I haven’t been thinking of you

And mainly I’m back on my star
Doing my best to rebuild my life
I haven’t been thinking of you
At all

All my old recurring themes
Reappeared as if to guide me home
Or to fill the empty pages of the book
And the hours that I spend on my own

It’s like nothing that I’ve ever known

Well I’m out of your world
You’ve probably found someone new by now
It’s taken me longer to start

And so my view is more detached
Now I can see you from across the sky
And I’ve been trying to convince myself
Of this:

That your face doesn’t burn in my eye
And I miss you so bad I could die

Maybe I’m back on my star
It isn’t the way I remember it
I haven’t been thinking of you at all
At all

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