Tomorrow Will Bring Rain


The Japanese girl in the raincoat is really a spy
One can tell by the serious way she smokes
But the man she is with is just an ordinary guy
One can see by the look in her eyes as she laughs at his jokes

She walks to her car and waves goodbye
And he smiles and looks up at the Paris sky
All dusty and rusty
The sun is going away
For tomorrow will bring rain

All the lights in the night make this city so pretty and gay
But I wonder sometimes, don’t these people ever go home
And whatever they’re smoking or drinking or thinking or saying
Makes me feel a little bit younger and less alone

I don’t think of the dreams I had in my life
I don’t wonder what ever became of my wife
And I button my jacket to ward off the wind and the pain
For tomorrow will bring rain

The old man who’s feeding the birds was once a great singer
Though you probably wouldn’t know his name
But in the hearts and the minds of those
There the memory lingers
Of those soft summer nights he and Charlie Parker
Shared the very same stage

And he watches the children run and play
And he watches the pigeons all fly away
And none of them knows that he’s 80 years old today
And that tomorrow will bring rain
Tomorrow will bring rain

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