The Apple III

Apple’s official suggestion to customers in response to this problem was to pickup the Apple III system and drop it onto a desk to reseat the chips temporarily.

If you’re a total computer nerd, Apple III Chaos: What Happened When Apple Tried to Enter the Business Market will be a pretty enjoyable article.

4 Responses to “The Apple III”

  1. praise Says:

    you’re telling me you read this entire article?? and enjoyed it? lol..

  2. kcidx Says:

    Hush…. ;)

  3. Ha Ha Ha Says:

    The curtain falls, and Praise sees into the depths of Cid’s geekness.

  4. kcidx Says:

    Shut it, head, now!

    Don’t think you’re fooling anybody, World Of Warcraft addict!

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