A Few Great Links and Stuff

I’m stuck in a strange state right now where I want to post something, yet can’t think of anything to write about. The blogging community seems to be of two minds about such situations. One theory goes that even if you can’t think of anything to post, just ramble on and post anyway. On the other side, we have those that say all posts should at least be topical, if not well thought out and proofread.

I’m going to side step the issue and cop out totally by just posting a few links I like to read.

  • Crooks and Liars - I love this site. As you can tell by my shameless linking of them lately.
  • Today in Iraq - A great resource when you want to know just how bad things are really going over there. Illuminating, and quite depressing.
  • Steve Gilliards Blog - I just like his style. He never pulls his punches.
  • As an aside, I finally caved in to Naya’s badgering and set up a myspace account. It will probably updated even less than this page, so don’t expect much. But here it is. Naya was out here for a week, and just left yesterday. I miss her. This whole “living on the east coast” thing is really wearing kinda thin at this point. But fortunately I have Warcraft and Beer to keep me company, as depressing as that is.

    I’m leaving for 2 weeks in Muncie, Indiana on Sunday. Much like just about everything else that goes on in my life, I’m really not so thrilled at the prospect. Especially since it’s for training that will enable me to sucessfully make the conversion that will take away the only joy I get from my job, and relegate me to the level of system operator. So thats, uhmm…totally lame. But RobSurge is going with me, so we’ll be Fear&Loathing it as much as possible. Judging from past trips together, I don’t think we’ll have a hard time blurring, or completely erasing, the memories of whatever they try to teach us. :)

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