Comment Spam

Hmm..looking at the comment accumulator here, it appears that the tribal blogs are getting hit pretty hard.

The best way to stop it that I’ve found, and at the very least, not displaying the links and thus depriving the spammer of their motivation, is to set comments with links to be moderated unless they have had a previously approved comment.

To enable this feature, go into your admin panel, then options. Select “discussion” and enable “Comment author must fill out name and email”, and “Comment author must have previously approved comment.” Then in the Comment Moderation section, set the threshold link value to one.

God I hate spammers.

K@ and Taylor - you have some comment deleting to do. If you care. :)

2 Responses to “Comment Spam”

  1. K@ Says:

    Yeah, I looked into that - I think that because I wrote so much about booze, I got slammed with poker/blackjack ads :)

  2. whitey Says:

    I’ve never had that problem. It’s the upside of being unpopular.

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