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Suck It, Comcast.

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

So…as you have all probably noticed…the site has sucked ass for about 2 weeks now. At first it was completely down because of the aforementioned router issues. Since then, it has been periodically going down on the order of 20 times a day, when the cable modem mysteriously decides to reboot, all on it’s own.

At first, I called Comcast, and was told they couldn’t send a technician out until September 1st. I was pissed, but resigned myself to the fact I would have to go to the Comcast office and kill every single one of the motherfuckers pick up a new cable modem on my own, which would hopefully fix the problem and then the tech wouldn’t need to come, and I could get back to playing WoW in peace. Yet, that idea failed since the account is in my bosses name, and they didn’t want to give me a new cable modem.

I called Comcast back, told them the situation, and said I wanted a tech here sooner, or I wanted these last two weeks pro-rated and the bill lowered. At that point, they said they found an opening for yesterday between 11:00am and 2:00pm. That sucks…but was acceptable.

The tech showed up at 2:07pm…and of course, the modem behaved perfectly, and the tech could detect no problem. He said that within 72 hours a lineman would come out, and verify all the cabling to the building was fine. He left, after browsing the Internet from my computer for an hour, to “make sure it stays working.”

I got home from work, logged on to WoW and within five minutes the modem rebooted and I was disconnected.

So today I called them back again. This time, the guy on the phone said he could clearly see from his remote tests that the modem had a problem and that we would need a new one. The earliest he can get a tech here to give me a new one is the 30th of August.

I told him that was unacceptable, but there was nothing he could do. So I called back again, posed as my boss, and had Dimitri’s name added into the notes on the account stating that he would be coming to pick up the modem because “I” can’t get away from work to deal with this nonsense.

So that’s the update. We’ll see how it goes. If everything works as it’s supposed to (unlikely), we’ll have a new cable modem up and humming by 5:00pm or so tonight…otherwise, we’ll be screwed until the 30th.

UPDATE: Got a new modem. It’s installed and working. So far I’ve played Warcraft for roughly 1.5 hours with no disconnects…so hopefully we’re back in business. Keep fingers crossed.

Welcome To The Land Of The Free

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

Check out this video.

Yes…it’s a video of a large, heavily armed SWAT team, complete with helicopters….shutting down a rave in Utah.

Utah County sheriff’s Sergeant Darren Gilbert says they made about 60 arrests for weapons offenses, driving under the influence, underage drinking, drug possession and distribution, resisting arrest, assault on a police officer and disorderly conduct.

It’s such a tired argument I almost hesitate to make it, except that it’s still true. Where can you get 1500 people together and not find drugs, at least one person driving under the influence, and “weapons offenses”. As for, “assault on a police officer,” take a look at the video and tell me whom is assaulting whom.

It also bears mentioning that according to what I’ve heard, they had every permit that was required by the county, a $2 million isurance policy on the event, and it was held on private property. (Incidentally, the owner of the property was also forced to leave the property, and currently has a lawsuit underway.)

On a lighter note, I wonder if the junglists regret the decision to go with the paramilitary/camo look…it probably made it way easier for the SWAT team to sneak up unnoticed. I wonder how many rolled out kids turned like , “dude…that guy over there has some crazy dope gear…waitaminnute…is that a gun? what the fuck??” Right before being beaten to the ground and arrested…

Masculinity Challenged, Men Prefer War and SUVs

Thursday, August 18th, 2005

Masculinity Challenged, Men Prefer War and SUVs

Hahaha….that’s pretty damn funny.

Server Outage Again

Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

Yeah guys…sorry about that. The router blew up when I was out in Oregon. Dimitri replaced it with another one, but didn’t know how to configure it. So it had to wait until I got back out here to Craptastic CT.

I really, really don’t want to be here. Like…seriously. I got off the plane at 9:45am this morning, and have since been sitting at my desk plotting schemes to quit my job.