U.S. Poor Fare Badly by Comparison

US Poor Fare Badly by Comparison

We certainly do know how to take care of our own here in this country.

Anyway..the article contains some rather eye opening numbers to toss around next time someone starts bashing on the Canadian or European social safety models. Such as, “A table available at the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe shows that the life expectancy for American women in 2000 was less than for women in 11 of the 15 European Union countries, Canada, and even Israel, while for men, it was less than for all but one (Ireland) of the 15 EU members, Canada and Israel. ”

Israel? The place where they are supposed terrorists killing everyone one necessitating the construction of the apartheid wall, and they still have a longer life expentency than we do?

Madness I tell you..

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