Go Skateboarding Day - June 21st 2005

Apparently June 21st 2005 is “Go Skateboarding Day.”

I’m going, even though I haven’t really skated for about a year, since the time I crashed after drunken hooky-bobbing behind my friends BMW through our apartment complex parking lot at 2:00 am.

Not sure where I’ll go. Probably downtown. I got a really interesting comment from a guy there one time, which as I remember it was “Oh…skateboards….no better sign of a misspent youth.” I was about 22 at the time I think. Dick wad.

Man what I would give to go back to my youth when I basically got waste whole summers just skating around various towns, primarily Oroville, California. Shit was totally awesome back then…or at least it seems like it was when I look back on it.

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