Absolutely Brilliant

From : Not Even Wrong

“Students at Princeton Hold Filibuster To Protest Frist Plan”

Physics professor Edward Witten

For the last couple days students at Princeton have been protesting the Republican’s plan to invoke the “nuclear option” and stop Democrats from filibustering a small number of Bush’s judicial nominees. This protest has taken the form of organizing a “filibuster” in front of the Frist Campus Center at Princeton, which was underwritten by Senator Bill Frist (Princeton ‘74). Today Edward Witten and his wife, physicist Chiara Nappi, have joined the protest. I can’t tell what Chiara is reading from, but Ed is using a bullhorn to regale the crowd with passages from Introduction to Elementary Particles by David Griffiths.

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  1. samuel Says:

    Fuck yes. That is the most beautiful idea I’ve ever heard. I would love to hold one of those at PSU. I’ll bet we could do it, too.

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