I just got done watching Gigli, starring Bennifer. I actually really liked it, despite all the shit talking that was done about it. Does that make me lame? I actually really find myself liking Ben Afflect in most movies. I mean seriously, what roles has he played that suck? Not many, I even liked him in Paycheck.

This one in particular I found myself thinking “there you go Ben, it’s not like Chasing Amy this time. Oh no, the lesbian chick actually does jump the fence for you in the end just this once… And J-Lo is totally hotter than Amy anyway…”

I really liked Jersey Girl too. But it was a Kevin Smith flick so it can’t really be that bad.

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  1. lolo Says:

    you know cid, i’m worried about you. maybe the jersey girl you watched is different from the one i saw, because otherwise i think you may have drunk away your last few rational brain cells. that film sucked ass. and not a normal cute ass, this film sucked jabba the hutt’s ass, with all of it’s resplendent glory. this made me especially sad, because of the great work that kevin smith has made in the past. but yeah. jersey girl sucks, and i won’t give gigli the time of day.

  2. kcidx Says:

    That is not the case at all dude. Jersey Girl was a great film. Touching, even. It had a good story. George Carlin was great in it, Bennifer was great in it. Liv Tyler was simply Liv Tyler again…(mmmmm…Liv Tyler). The little girl was adorable. And how can you not love that Will Smith scene? Care to share any particular things you thought sucked about it? Other than the fact it was a real film and not full of dick and fart jokes?

    I wasn’t going to give Gigli the time of day, but it was on TV. And after being suprised at how much I liked Jersey Girl, I decided to give it a shot. It pretty much convinced me that Kevin Smith is right when he says Ben Affleck totally rules. The are both definately worth watching.

    The only reason they got such bad press was do to unfortunate timing and Bennifer overload, and because some of Kevin Smiths fans don’t want to see him grow up and make “real” movies.

    But I thought they were both great, even without the Jager and Beer. ;)

  3. endub Says:

    I’ve yet to give either Jersey Girl or Gigli a chance. I highly doubt I’ll ever see Gigli.

    My sister really liked Jersey Girl, and I have heard from quite a few people that it is indeed worth watching. Maybe I’ll check it out over the weekend. But Gigli? I’d have to be really damn bored.

  4. kcidx Says:

    Dude, I don’t see why people think Gigli sucks so much. I was totally entertained by it. I mean, it’s not Oscar material or anything, but it’s still good.

    I don’t think either movie ever got a fair chance.

  5. K@ Says:

    Dude, no. Jersy Girl sucked more ass than words can describe, and there’s no way I would waste time explaining all the particular things about it I can’t stand. I’ve decided you are starting to turn into a female and it is the estrogen overload that is making you watch and actually defend these movies. Damn Colin. First the Dixie Chicks and now Jersey Girl? There’s a small part of you I’m almost losing respect for. Do you realize you’re referring to Ben Affleck as Bennifer while you try to stand up for the shite Ben and JoLo films you refer to as “great,” because that says a lot right there. Ugh.

  6. kcidx Says:

    First of all, I don’t see how the massive estrogen withdrawl I’ve been through in the last few months would make me more female.

    The Dixie Chicks were good, of course I can’t listen to them now without wanting to kill…but that’s not their fault.

    Jersey Girl ruled though. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. You are all heartless fools I tell you. I refer to Ben and Jen as Bennifer just because it’s an extremely easy and apt name for that period of their careers.

    The were both greate movies. Perhaps not going to go down in the record books as best of alltime or anything, but thoroughly entertaining. Heartwarming even. Ben Afflect just kicks ass…and Jlo is fine fine fine. :)

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